Ranch Directors

Eddie Cooper, a physician, and his wife, Lee Cooper, a registered nurse practitioner began to see a serious problem in their community and surrounding region in 2003. Hundreds of children were suffering from abuse, neglect, and abandonment right under their noses. The foster care system was stretched to its maximum capacity with more children that needed homes than there were available. God began to whisper to their hearts to provide a place for the children to live where they could be loved and cared for, taught and trained, and most importantly introduced to the true source of love - Jesus Christ! They are convinced that He is the only one who can truly rescue them and heal their broken hearts.  As they were in the process of starting the Ranch, God brought a young lady into their lives and after parenting her for a year and a half, they were introduced to the world of attachment difficulties. Through much training with Matthew and Fawn Bradley of the Beatitude House in Waynesville, NC they learned to effectively parent children with RAD and other behavior problems, and became qualified therapeutic parenting specialists.