King’s Ranch Academy is the on-site private school attended by the children at the Ranch and open to other children in the community who are in need of our services. Many children who come to King’s Ranch are behind in school, working significantly below their grade level. In addition, many have behavior or social problems that make it difficult for them to succeed in a traditional classroom setting. Most of our children have come from unstructured and chaotic environments. We have found that they need consistency in discipline and structure between home and school. For these reasons, King’s Ranch Academy was born.


     Our school uses a combination of curriculum. We use Accelerated Christian Education curriculum, which is individualized and Biblically based, for English, Word Building, Literature/Creative Writing and Math. This curriculum is ideal for our children, because it diagnosis where they are academically and then prescribes curriculum at their level, filling in any learning gaps along the way. The children are able to learn at their level without embarrassment or pressure, for the curriculum level is kept strictly confidential from the other students. Students are able to learn at their own pace and return to grade level and beyond! We use My Father’s World for an integrated Bible, History, and Science curriculum which teaches a worldview from God’s perspective.


   The school is operated by a trained educational supervisor and assisted by monitors. The supervisor and monitors assist the children in their learning experience through encouragement, motivation, and the discovery of new concepts.